10 Ways Trump Presidency can Impact Indian Expats


9The cost metric becomes complex


Apart from tinkering with the basic visa program, especially the H – 1B and L visa, Trump seems to have increased the fees per visa application as well. At the moment, the H – 1B visa remains one of those few visas where the fees are entirely refundable back to the sponsor company but this may soon go out of the window as well. Right now, fees for both the H – 1B and L programs have been increased or will soon be increased.

While this will result in companies having to bear more cost when it comes to hiring an overseas employee, but taken together with the latest executive order where companies are required to pay overseas workers more, it will result in companies opting to hire American workers.

The downside to this is that most companies prefer to base their decisions on their profit margin and at the moment, there’s a scarcity of skilled labor in the US. As their profit margin is going to be affected, then the chances are extremely high that these companies would seek to outsource, or relocate offices to other countries that would enable them to compete more effectively. The bottom line always matters and the current US administration seems to have forgotten this simple fact. .


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