10 Ways Trump Presidency can Impact Indian Expats

Given that the current US administration along with the current President Donald Trump have both envisaged and enacted a set of laws set to bar, inhibit and even ban immigration, the resounding effects on Indian expats, immigrant applicants, students and others are wide reaching. In fact, the current administration seems to hedge their bets on protectionism while seemingly being ignorant of the wide reaching ramifications it will have on global trade.


10H – 1B visa undergoes change (or is in the process of change)


One of the most in demand visa programs to the US is all set to undergo change, with immediate effect and bills targeting this specific visa have already been introduced in the House of Representatives. While the H – 1B visa program seeks to offer workers from other nations, especially India a chance to work in US for US companies, it was often used by many to seek permanent residency in the US, with the sponsor company supporting this change in visa.

And while this particular Visa saw many skilled workers apply to the US, it nevertheless came with certain requirements including a mandatory cap of sixty five thousand visas per year with an additional twenty thousand for those with advanced degrees. The current STEM program is a derivative of the same H – 1B visa program, one that entails students to work under similar requirements in the US for a certain period.

However, all that’s due to change soon – for with President Trump being extremely anti-immigration, the current cap may be revised down, with the advanced degree exception being done away with and with stronger regulations. Apart from this, Trump has already signed into order seeking to modify the current H – 1B program whereby American companies will have to pay more to hire overseas workers than they would an American worker.

This is all part of the “buy American” theme that served to buttress trump during his presidency campaign and was also part of one of his various promises. The impact of changes on the H – 1B program are yet to be felt properly but as it stands, it will impact hundreds of thousands of Indian students, enrolled at various universities across America. . .


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