Top 10 Dhoni Captain Cool Moments

When it comes to being a captain, and the job is never an easy one – the person chosen must be capable of leading the team and bringing them together, motivating them to try harder and above all, being able to connect with the whole team. This is what made Mahendra Singh Dhoni stand out as one of the best Indian cricket captains in recent history.




Dhoni had just taken on the mantle as India’s cricket team captain for a new cricket format, and immediately they started prepping for the inaugural edition of the T20 WORLD CUP. The series in 2007 certainly tested Dhoni’s resolve as the captain and managed to bring out his cool demeanor on to the field.

While this new series, known for its new format, proved to be a testing time for many teams with some of the experienced ones falling off the radar, Dhoni kept his cool and the boys in blue motivated to take on some of their strongest opponents from Pakistan to Australia.

Needless to say, some of those matches that India played were too close to call, with a few ties and bowl outs being instituted as a way to break the tie.

As mentioned earlier, Dhoni certainly kept a cool head, even when playing against South Africa, England, and Australia. But he finally managed to relax his control and was emotionally charged up as he celebrated India’s win with the rest of the team. This win is yet another Dhoni captain cool moment. In fact, it was after this win that Dhoni was made India’s ODI captain. . .


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